Friday, February 26, 2010


Feathers have been on the fashion forefront lately (well for perhaps they have been there fror a while, I'm behind the trend okay?) and I am always on the lookout for a great accessory.
To the untrained eye, that might look like a strange segue, but let me enlighten you. I am not a shoe-shopaholic, but I do appreciate a unique and beautiful shoe. A few years ago I was shopping in the city and stopped in at Aldo. On the clearance rack they had this beautiful brown suede flat with a small feather pouf on the toe, it was so simple and elegant, I loved them. Unfortunately there was only one pair (clearance rack remember?) and they were size 5, which if anyone cares, is not my shoe size. So, I committed the shoe to memory and have been searching ever since.
Now, back to the feathers. I have seen the feather hair accessory become popular, I have seen feathers on clothes and jewelry and am patiently waiting for them to hit the shoe arena...and well this is what I have to quench my thirst.

I didnt even know these existed! there are tons of handmade feather clips on Etsy. Most of the clips are "meant" for weddings and brides (or at least labeled as such), but I dont see why they couldnt be worn all the time. Why save all the fun for one day in your life? What a fun way to dress up your current shoe closet!

And these are my favorite!

Title photo via oreilly digital media

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