Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dwell Studio

I am a huge fan of Dwell Studio, after discovering them last year. I am always impressed with their unique color usage in a minimalistic but creative way. I have also seen some pieces in action, they are very well made and use interesting texture. Even so, I quickly put any ideas of owning such bedding away when I saw the prices. (They were a bit out of my range.)

This Chinoiserie Duvet Set is still my favorite.

Then last week, I was totally surprised and very happy to find out Dwell Studio was collaborating with Target to put out a more affordable collection! (It is apparently their second time working with Target). It came out on Sunday and today I had my first look. Here are some highlights of the beautiful collection.

The last duvet with the birds is my favorite, although it does not quite match our current decor, I think I can make it work.

Can I also take a quick minute to say that in the last year Target has totally blown me away in their designer collaborations. I was used to their Issac Mizrahi collections, which seemed to stick around forever and frankly became a little bit boring, but have been pleased that in the last year they have brougt in Anna Sui, Tracy Feith, Orla Kiely and Rodarte to create stunning and beautiful collections at really great prices. Although its not as much fun shopping in Target as it is at specialty boutiques, if they keep stocking such great and creative pieces, I will keep going. A little tip on shopping these designer collections: They almost always sell out online (especially the clothing collections) but if you see something you like online check in stores, they will usually have it in stores much longer than they would online.


  1. I may have to prance on down to target for a new bed set!

  2. Great selection! Orla Kely is one of my favourites at the moment as well! :)

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