Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheer Up!

This week has been a bit yucky and stressful for me, so here are some Etsy faves of mine that should cheer everyone right up!
This is from blissfulimages shop, I love the dreamy look and color contrast of all her day that will be me.
Claudia Varosio makes these fun movie posters from cult classics and old favorites. While I really like them all, this one made ma laugh out loud. I think mostly because the most memorable skating scene involves manure...weird I know, but manure comes from cows...and well from there you should just reference my last picture. (Hint: kissing cows!)

At Enormouschampion, they make great cards, but this one is still my favorite...I guess because I always hum the tune when I see it.
These are a bit out of my price range, but they are so creative, I'll just imagine all the outfits I could make so much more interesting with these leg warmers.
Terrariums are my new fun thing to make, they are pretty simple and make a great gift. I have yet to make one as crisp looking as this one, so instead I stare at it and try to visualize making a beautiful terrarium like this one.

I think if I owned this towel, I would make the BF read it out loud to me every day...while I imagine that Mr. Darcy is about to take me off to Pemberly. I could someday be a grand lady of the English countryside!

And finally....KISSING COWS!! I have been coveting this print forever, I absolutely love it. About once a week I will think about this print and it never fails to make me smile...except when I try to think aobut if cows ever actually look this sweet with eachother...then I just pretend that there are always kissing cows.
I feel much better now...seriously, kissing cows, how can you go wrong?

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