Tuesday, March 9, 2010


At my work there is a lunch buffet that serves Indian food. It always smells delicious but today it was particularly pungent and sent me reeling with memories...because it smelled exactly like Morocco.

We took a trip to Morocco this last fall, and it has taken me until recently to fully appreciate the beauty of Morocco. The best thing about travelling (at least for me) is the way it tests and develops your patience, mental nimbleness and acceptance. And those traits were truly exercised in Morocco. From the moment we arrived in Morocco to the time we left we were most definitely out of our comfort zone, more than I ever have been before while travelling. We certainly enjoyed exploring and experiencing their culture, but it all occurred with a bit of an edge. But now that I've gained some distance from the experience I can remember all the beauty and exoticness of Morocco...and especially my favorite part that brought me back today...THE SPICES!

At the markets and in the shops the spices are laid out in these huge containers and you end up having a multi-sensory experience. You can smell them, look at their bold colors and even taste them in the air. I stopped every single time we walked by a spice vendor to enjoy the experience.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip, some that show the interesting aspects of Morocco and some that humbly try to show its beauty.

What is your favorite part about traveling? What challenging places have you been to?

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