Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is it a question or the beginnings of a self-help guide?

When I was thinking of the title of this blog, and the blog itself, I was trying to think about myself, my values and what I enjoy in life. I was essentially looking for what makes me, me. I tried to think of things that would never change, things that would always be in my life and I found it, wit, intelligence, "smarts". Not so much that these are the things I have, as in, yay, look at me, I am so smart, but instead these are things I will always value. I will always strive to improve in these areas and in a way, make myself sexier.

So I thought "Smart is Sexy" would be an excellent title, but it was taken. So instead I thought of variations, "How is smart sexy?", "Sexy is Smart", etc and finally a thought that made me laugh, "How smart is sexy?".

It made me think of those old logic statements, "all black cats are scary, but not all scary cats are black", and how just moving two words around in a statement can sometimes make it absurd, funny, nonsensical, or at the most basic, create a totally different statement than what you originally started off with. (And as an aside, I can still remember being a pre-teen, thats right, only about 11 or 12 and arguing with my friends about how, yes, those two statements are actually different. All black cats are scary, all scary cats are black will not encompass the same group of cats. If only I knew back then to just draw a venn diagram!)

So back to the question at hand, after creating the title of my blog I realized it was really important to add the question mark because without it I had a statement that read, "How smart is sexy" (and other ways to improve your love life). Not that I mean to look down on self-help books, I have reached the stage in my life where I am becomming interested in them, but its just, this blog will not be so much a self help guide.

Well it may be helpful for me, but not so much for you, instead I am here to vent, muse and one day find what it is that makes me truly happy, a perfect balance of creativity, intellectual challenges, love and benevolence.

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